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Koved Care brings recovery into our clients’ daily lives by helping them develop healthier behaviors and relationships. We believe that recovery, as it pertains to mental health, means more than stability and sustainability; it means finding purpose. Koved Care provides wrap-around support to clients and their families through Care Management and Recovery Coaching.

Care Managers build comprehensive and collaborative treatment teams from the ground up composed of clients, families and clinicians with the most appropriate expertise. The team works in concert to assess and trouble shoot any obstacles to recovery and community integration.

We skillfully match clients with our Recovery Coaches based on background and personality type. All of our coaches are masters-level personnel. Coaches help clients to develop goals and put in place systematic, measurable plans of action. Coaches are supervised by the Care Manager and interface with clients’ treatment providers to ensure alignment.

To avoid gaps in care that undermine recovery, we collaborate closely with clinical providers, attorneys specializing in mental hygiene, interventionists, and financial management professionals, among others. We engage with clients at any point along the continuum of care from pre-admission through acute hospitalization, residential treatment, community-based treatment and long-term recovery and support.



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Areas of practice

Wrap-Around planning

Develop a strategy and path forward to set clients up for success.

Career coaching

Gain the skills needed to find a better path and a better job.

Care Management

Create treatment teams and customized programs that address clients’ exact needs.

Nourishment and self-care support

Learn to cook and engage in self-care in the kitchen.



Recovery Coaching

Support clients in their homes to develop goals, life skills and routines.

Family Support

Guiding parents and clients to healthier relationships.


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