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Family Therapy & Family Psycho-Education


Kristin Thomson Bader, MA, LMFT

Family Therapy: Supporting Families and Clients

Providing a safe therapeutic environment, Kristin assists clients in navigating the challenges that family members or partners encounter as loved ones engage in treatment, re-enter the community and progress in recovery. Many clients hope that recovery means a return to normal relationships, but often what is "normal" has become skewed. The natural inclination is to return to unhealthy patterns.

Kristin helps clients adapt to the challenges of transition back to fully-functioning relationships by addressing unhealthy role shifts and power imbalances. More over, she helps clients as they work through potential new problems that occur with re-balance, and power redistribution. Kristin incorporates a strengths-based integrated approach fostering understanding and communication, addressing contributing attachment issues, and helping individuals, couples and families connect.

Supporting the family system while removing stigma and shame through psycho education is critical. By supporting broader systems that impact clients, and clients themselves, we work toward healthier relationships that are at the core of successful, holistic community-based treatment.


Family Psycho-Education Program: Empowering Family Systems

Family Psycho-Education provides participants with information about mental health services including Koved Care. Participants will learn about the specific clinical disorder(s) affecting the client and the family system. The program equips families with coping skills and strategies that lend themselves to healthier relationships and more effective support for the client and the larger family system.