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Care Management & Recovery Coaching

Care Management &  Recovery Coaching

Care Management


Care Coordination: Supporting Clients & Clinicians

Care Managers build a cohesive treatment team by identifying clinical resources and coordinating between providers to facilitate effective community-based treatment. We work with providers to develop a systematic exchange of information, ensuring that clients’ providers operate with the same information. Further, we collaborate with clinicians, requesting their input as to how our team can best support the provider’s modality of treatment. In a reciprocal manner, the Koved team provides clinicians with regular reports to bolster transparency and accountability. Internally, Care Managers assign and supervise qualified Recovery Coaches to support clients. Koved Care also works in concert with mental hygiene attorneys and financial management professionals to promote comprehensive community integration and eliminate potential gaps in care.

Care Planning: Goal Setting & Continuous Assessment

Clients and Care Managers develop Care Plans together in order to ensure synergy between clinical components of treatment and personal goals. (Non-clinical goals might pertain to education, vocation, exercise, etc.) Care Plans are written to highlight the incremental steps required to secure clinical resources and accomplish personal goals. Clients build out daily structure and tools to track their progress such as weekly calendars and checklists with the help of Care Management staff. Through progress notes and weekly conference calls, Care Managers continuously assess clients' progress and update Care Plans. By regularly adjusting Care Plans, goals and daily schedules, Koved Care's approach evolves in alignment with clients’ needs.

Relapse Prevention Planning: Promoting Wellness & Preventing Hospitalization

Clients are better able to prevent hospitalizations when equipped with a greater understanding of their behaviors and corresponding, precise plans of actions. Care Managers and clients work to understand and proactively identify symptoms and behaviors that can lead to hospitalization over the course of 5 modules. Further, clients develop a plan of action in response to each specific symptom and behavior.

Recovery Coaching


Therapeutic Support: Regulation & Motivation

Recovery Coaches reinforce coping skills and promote resiliency. Coaches provide support based on specific direction from treating clinicians, helping clients with matters typically including self-regulation, self re-direction, self-soothing techniques and appropriate social interactions. Additionally, Koved Care staff promote treatment adherence by attending clinical appointments when appropriate.

Life Coaching: Support & Structure

Coaches help client work toward healthier behaviors, routines and relationships based on thier goals. Recovery Coaches implement Care Plans and support clients as they work toward their goals by helping clients organize weekly schedules. Depending on a client's values and corresponding goals, coaches might assist clients with executive functioning skills and studying. Alternatively, Coaches might help clients with career management, job searching skills, resume preparation, practice interviewing, etc. Coaches also work to promote general wellness through regular exercise and healthy diet and support clients to meet daily living needs (e.g. laundry, cleaning, food shopping and preparation, bill paying, etc).

Collaboration: Progress Notes & Care Plans

While Care Managers develop Care Plans, Recovery Coaches put Care Plans into action. Coaches work with clients to help them carry out their goals, (clinical or personal) through regular, one-on-one support in their homes and in the community. Each week, Care Managers provide clear objectives by sharing updated Care Plans with Recovery Coaches. Reciprocally, Recovery Coaches send Progress Notes to Care Managers after each client-interaction. This system allows for collaboration as Care Managers direct Recovery Coaches and oversee cases.