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Care Management

Care Management

What is Care Management?


Care Managers help clients develop comprehensive, wrap-around programs based on their unique needs.

Care Managers are responsible for crafting and implementing a top-down strategy to help clients manage their mental illness. This strategy informs a corresponding program comprised of treatment and ancillary support.

Our Approach


We match clients to clinicians with the expertise they need.

We help clients find clinicians who specialize in collaborative treatment of their particular diagnosis; we help clients find providers who they feel they can trust. Beyond treatment, we work with clients to curate a selection of supportive resources that focus on vocational goals, fitness and wellness, etc.

Collaboration is the key to recovery.

Care Managers ensure that clients, their families and treatment providers are all working in concert. Care Managers supervise Recovery Coaches to help them establish safe relationships with clients and manage progress towards clients’ goals. Care Managers build a collaborative team, and ultimately, a structured program and weekly schedule.