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Recovery Coaching

What is Recovery Coaching?

Recovery coaching is a concierge service aimed at helping clients develop goals, skills and purpose.

“Recovery Coaching involves a shift of emphasis from pathology, illness and symptoms to strengths, health, action, and wellness.” - William Anthony, PhD

Koved Care provides clients support in their homes, helping clients create daily and weekly routines based on their goals. We work primarily with clients who are struggling to manage their day to day lives due to a mental health disorder rather than a substance use disorder. All of Koved Care’s Recovery Coaches have an advanced degree in mental health care like a Masters in Social Work or Clinical Psychology. We bring a unique level of intention and sophistication to the way they build relationships and offer support.

Our Approach


Relationships are the foundation of our approach to Recovery Coaching.

“The coaching relationship is a ‘designed alliance’ with the power being granted to the relationship, not the coach.” - sir john whitmore

By starting with safe, consistent relationships as the foundation, we are able to practice life skills with clients in a way that is more comfortable and digestible.Recovery coaching is great for anyone who feels like they’re spinning their wheels or struggling to make it through their days. We offer accountability check-in’s by phone and in-person support up to 7 days per week.

Recovery Coaching is designed to address clients needs in their day to day, meeting clients where they’re at both literally and figuratively. We help clients develop life skills based on their goals of all shapes and sizes. Want help navigating the subway or grocery store? Want to write a new resume? Need help using a calendar and making your appointments on time? Recovery Coaches are there to support you as develop and you move through your daily routine.